ND State Society

North Dakota’s official flag was adopted in 1911.

The flag has a blue field and pictures a bald eagle holding a red ribbon in its
bill; the ribbon reads “E PLURIBUS UNUM” (this is the motto of the
USA and means “Out of Many, One” – and refers to the states of the
United States being united into one country). The eagle is holding seven arrows
and an olive branch (with three red berries) in its talons. The arrows
represent the defense of liberty, and the olive branch represents peace. The
eagle has a red, white, and blue shield on its body, with 13 stars (on a blue
field) and 13 red and white stripes (representing the USA). Above the eagle are
13 yellow stars (representing the original 13 colonies of the USA) and a yellow
fan. Under the eagle is a red scroll reading “NORTH DAKOTA.”

State motto: “Liberty and Union,  Now and Forever,                          One and Inseparable”

North Dakota Daughters of the American Revolution have five chapters:

Original map: Nations Online Project

North Dakota Map free to use from Nations Online Project